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By Emma Disney

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 216


Consciously coaching you and your kids through their teenage years and learning more about you & life as you do.

Actively engaging in the process of change; changing all that no longer serves you
as you support your teen in ‘becoming’ all that allows them to create resilience
and wellbeing.

Intention of this book;

• To integrate THE PAUSE into daily life
• To support and educate parents as to their teens’ needs.
• To support & educate parents to understand mental / emotional health.
• To understand the teenage years as the powerful and formative transition
from child to young adult, from dependent to interdependent.
• To allow you to make time to reflect on where you and your teen are at this
present time.
• Creating healthier relationships both with yourself and your teen.
• To take the time to ‘unlearn’ all that prevents you from being the most
authentic, happy and calm you, so ‘un-becoming’ everything that no longer
serves you, whilst supporting your teen on their journey to ‘becoming!”
• Life is a journey and we can allow each step, no matter how challenging,
to support our growth in all areas, so there are numerous gifts to be found
within this developmental time.

About the Author

Emma Disney has been a psychotherapist for the past twenty years. She specialises in working with teenagers mental and emotional wellbeing along with the challenges they face in today’s world. She is passionate about ‘mental health’ awareness, understanding and education. She has a social media presence and blog, mylifeme1 that is all about supporting yourself to thrive. She lives on the south coast with her husband and two teenagers.