The Curse of Tecumseh

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By Ryan L. Robinson

About the Book

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Softcover 5x8 188

Did the noted Shawnee military leader, Tecumseh, put a curse on America? Can furniture be heroic? Who really is your best friend? How do you survive in the future nano-tech dystopia? Is it hard to talk to a fire lizard? Answers to these and other fictional questions can be found in these stories. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. The guilty, on the other hand, will have to fend for themselves.
Some authors discover that writing short stories is a good way to start their journey and learn the craft. This collection is a result of such a journey. These stories will take you far a field in fact and fiction in both time and space.

About the Author

Ryan Robinson is a retired Quality Manager of a small high tech company in Southern California and has degrees in electronics and computer science. Part of his duties was to write procedures and technical documents. Now he gets to write for fun. A love of history, science, and what makes people tick inspire his stories.
One reviewer said, ?I was immediately struck by the unusual imagination and technical texture in his stories, fiction and science fiction.?
He has writen for many years and this is his first book.