The Fifth Dimension

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By Ramma Kher

About the Book

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The protagonist, Meera, emigrates from India to Canada as a newlywed. Unfortunately, her husband dies within a few months. Her dear friend, Jane, commits suicide soon after. To fulfill her last wishes, Meera adopts her illegitimate son, Rishi.

Jane's ruthless and wicked mother, Helena, has Rishi in an immoral and convoluted web of deceit. Rishi grows into a conflicted adolescent partly because of racism he experiences at school and partly due to Helena's indoctrination against his mother. Rishi leaves Meera in spite of the sacrifices she made for him, refusing a marriage proposal twice.

The protagonist is a highly moral and compassionate human who refuses to compromise her essence. Constantly striving to preserve some semblance of beauty and truth in her turbulent life, Meera's story is about sacrifice, struggle and survival, decrepitude and triumph, and pain and transcendence by the Spirit, the fifth dimension.

About the Author

Ramma Kher (her maiden name) was born in Lahore, India, in 1945. She spent her early childhood in Simla where the stunning beauty of the Himalayas nurtured her great love for nature. Her family moved to Chandigarh in 1952, where she resided until her immigration to Canada in 1968, to obtain her Ph.D degree in Biology.
Ramma conducted scientific research for many years before retiring due to ill health.
An avid reader, she did some story writing as a young woman but did not publish.
After retiring from sciences, poor health and her commitment to her family prevented Ramma from pursuing her desire to write.
At last, life is favourable for her to realize her dream. ?The Fifth Dimension? is her first attempt at writing and publishing her works.
Ramma lives in Lethbridge, Canada. She is currently working on her second book.