The Ghosts Of Winworth Manor

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By Ann Drighton

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 192

It is 1818 in Seaside, New York, and Michael Winworth has been obsessed with his younger brother, Jason's, wife, Pauline, for years. Determined to use his inherited dark magic to possess her for all eternity, Michael performs an ancient ritual that includes a blood sacrifice of Jason inside Winworth Manor.

After Michael plunges a dagger into his brother's heart and kills him, Pauline surprises him, thrusts the same dagger into his back, ends his mortal life, and escapes into the night. Two hundred years later, the spirits of Jason and Michael are still imprisoned in the dilapidated manor. Michael has been on a centuries-long search for the perfect woman to share in his eternal paradise. When he believes he has finally found her, Michael is determined to possess her for eternity. But will he ever succeed?

In this supernatural erotic novel, a jealous lord kills his brother and sets out on a two hundred-year-old quest to find a new living bride to replace the one he lost forever.

About the Author

Ann Drighton has always been fascinated with stories about paranormal seduction. After losing her fiancé to colon cancer, she found writing as a form of therapy. Since then, her stories have helped her deal with the loss and cope with her emotions. The Ghosts of Winworth Manor is her third book.