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By John Gent and Greta Dabek

About the Book

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Little children, their minds filled with wonder soon start trying to find out the truth about the strange and intriguing world in which they find themselves. They regularly consult the giants of this land, whom they regard as the established Gods. They constantly bombard them with questions and get all sorts of weird answers, which serves only to increase their puzzlement. Christmas comes around and that huge and benevolent old gentleman with thick red coat and bushy white beard stealthily delivers presents of the child?s choice in the dead of the night. Amongst the fascinating toys, one inevitably finds a large book often called the Golden Treasure Book. This book is filled with pictures of dinosaurs, ancient cities and stars and planets. At least in this book the child must find out all that he wishes to know.

Twenty years later our little child is now himself an established God with little children of his own who ask the same eternal questions. Unfortunately, he has learned very little in all this time and the answers which he gives his children are the same inadequate ones which he received himself.

This is the lot of the average man, he never learns the real and basic truths of life, and after he reaches maturity he usually ceases trying. The dirty devices of adult humanity are by now much more intriguing to his mind.

About the Author

John Gent was taught yoga at eight years old. He became a yoga teacher in 1948. He formed several yoga organisations in England in the 1960s. Since then, he has written books from 1968 to present day on numerous aspects of yoga including Chinese Taoist, Indian, Tibetan and Egyptian. He has written many books that have reached different parts of the world.

Greta Dabek has studied John Gent?s teaching for the last ten years and is a yoga teacher. She is now a co-author of this poetry book that has been revised with John Gent.