The Jackeroo

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By Grahame Moore

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 150

This is the story of a jackeroo named Tim Johnson, who works in a team of shearers for quite a long time. He tells his life story after becoming orphaned at a young age. He is adopted at fifteen by an outback grazier. Then at twenty-five, he breaks away from the hell he was enduring, to find himself in this tough world of ours. He meets Molly, and they find true love together for the next forty years. They are confronted by floods, fire, and the loss of their only child, but they prosper in the end. It’s tough in the outback of Australia, but not as tough as some.

About the Author

Grahame is an Australian writer who has already self-published six novels on Amazon, this is one of his best. With some outback experience in the farming community, he writes from drama's he has personally encountered. Grahame's very unusual writing style makes you feel that he is talking straight to you. If you're a speed reader you will love his style, with limited punctuation and cheeky Australian sayings, Grahame makes your brain do all the work for you. Enjoy.