The Magical Appearance of Earthworms

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By N. A. Moncrief

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 234

Mickey, the narrator of this book, looks back at his life growing up in Tilburn, thirty miles out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

In reflecting on his life, Mickey explores how children let the world in rather than judging it at a safe distance. We inevitably get hurt in the process, and we carry wounds ? until we have the courage to revisit them.

A theme of the book is that if we revisit our stories with fierce compassion, they can work to free us rather than enslave us. They can become our most trusted companions as we realise we have all we need.

In sharing stories from his life from a very early age, Mickey explores wonders and horrors, inviting the mysterious alchemy of wounds becoming gifts.

Join Mickey on a journey that seeks to get everyone to a place where they lay down their masks, shed their armor, and put down their swords to let the distant voice of truth speak as they find their true selves.

About the Author

N. A. Moncrief began writing this book intending to highlight the fascinating work he's done to help companies and conservationists protect forests and safeguard people's livelihoods and cultures. That led him to look back on his earliest memories to find a deeper connection with himself and those around him.