The Rescue Of Demistrath

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By Rose Stauffer

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 198

When 20 yr old Eva learns her employer Ms. Bernadette of Ferncliff Estate is not going to pass away on her deathbed, Eva becomes drawn into an undiscovered part of her mistress's past life.  Hearing a cry for help coming from the woods on the estate one day, Eva and Ms. Bernadette tumble into another realm called Demistrath, a familiar place and people to Bernadette, but totally new to Eva, who comes along to assist her 70 year old boss.  Eva tries to make sense of this new realm and how Ms. Bernadette was connected to it in the past, but soon learns it is Eva herself who is the person of interest to the druids, dwarves, elves, fairies and witches that inhabit Demistrath.  Traveling between realms, dimensions, continents and worlds, Eva is drawn into a destiny she must embrace or return to her ordinary life in Virginia.

About the Author

Rose Stauffer majored in communication arts and journalism before obtaining her masters degree in clinical social work.
She works as a trauma therapist for the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. On the side, she has performed in theater, dance, music, directing and adapting shows for differently abled adults. She has lived in Virginia and Florida, and now resides in Colorado. The Rescue of Demistrath is her debut novel.