The Ripple Effect of Being

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By C M H Hill

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 138

The Ripple Effect of Being: A Thought Experiment is a unique analysis of our inner consciousness.

The strength of this book lies in bringing together multidisciplinary theories into a simple but powerful model with a modern twist, providing a light hearted journey through the most intriguing possibility on earth - that our Soul Colours produce a Ripple Effect around us.

Reading this book will help you:
• Identify your soul colours
• Tame your ego-dragons, and
• Discover your attitude is not your fault.

Engaging your inner consciousness through this thought experiment will ensure your Soul Colours shine authentically.

About the Author

Cathie has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Post Grad in Mechanical Engineering. She has worked in many different industries and has been the CEO of not-for-profit organisations. The mother of two daughters and two grandchildren, she has also been adopted as grandmother for two Rwandan boys. She enjoys playing the guitar and lives in Adelaide.