The Still Small Voice Within

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By Natalia Amuta Christos

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 246

Natalia was born and raised in Washington. Her mother was a devout  Catholic. Natalia was a happy child and loved her family of eight. There was never a dull moment. She knew in her heart that she wanted a large family and told her siblings she would have one for each month! Natalia's moved to the south help her to get closer to her father's family. Married and had eight of her own  children. This was the life she dreamed of and she absolutely loved it. Her life was complete or so she thought. The Lord kept her and protected her even when she was unaware of the source.

About the Author

Hearing a voice in the early stages of life, she did not understand who was the voice. Yet, as time went on she began to realize that the voice was protecting her and giving her insight on the future. Natalia was not Born Again for years. Moving to the Bible belt not realizing what the Lord had planned. He is an amazing Father!! I pray that you find the one who loves you with a love that is in the purest form.