The Truth Is Just One Color

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By Sajjad Yazdanpanah

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 54

The book is based on a true story of a young Iranian who hears a sentence from a Christian satellite television and then decides to investigate Christianity, which is contrary to the custom of his country’s society and traditions. This story clearly illustrates the difficult situation of Iranian Christians or religious minorities as well as a picture of the contemporary Iranian culture and the difference between the official Iranian society and the informal or underground Iranian world. This novel also explains in detail why this young man is interested in Christianity, how he believes in Christ even after encounters with internal and external challenges, and how he overcomes these spells. The primary purpose of writing this story is to think about faith in Christianity, to motivate and hope for the rest of the world, and to become familiar with the difficulties of living as a believer in an Islamic country.

About the Author

I am Sajjad Yazdanpanah. I was born in Shiraz, Iran on February 23, 1986. I have studied economics and German as a foreign language at the university. I live in Germany. I have been starting professional writing since 2005, but my first official which named when the Da Vinci Come was published at the United States in 2014.