Waking Pontmercy

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By Patrick Kona

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 448

Cosette owes her life to her first love, her dear father Jean Valjean. She was just a tiny girl when Jean appeared at the Thénardiers? door to help her escape her destiny as a bastard orphan. It was her father who rescued her beloved Marius from almost certain death from the barricade. And it was her father who taught her that love always has a plan.

As Cosette and Marius begin their marriage, their fortuitous life elevates them to wealth and power. Because of her fine upbringing, Cosette is a real Pontmercy. No one dares question where she came from or how she got there. Marius?s love for Cosette seems to blind him from seeing the demons that are overwhelming her. But he has demons of his own. As his addictions grow and threaten to ruin him, Marius must see that it is not just Cosette who is failing but he as well. Can he find the undeniable faith he once had in Cosette?and in himself?in time to rejoin their life of splendor?

Set in nineteenth century France, Waking Pontmercy brings the lives of Marius and Cosette to life, picking up where the master, Victor Hugo, left off.

About the Author

Patrick Kona grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was introduced to Les Misérables at a young age when the 1952 American film adapted from the novel by Victor Hugo was broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Enchanted by the character Jean Valjean, he became inspired to write his debut novel, Waking Pontmercy.