We’re Watching Her Show: (For Bathroom Sails of the Starched Collar)

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By John Patrick Acevedo

About the Book

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John Patrick Acevedo introduced Maryland to his theme of ?give and take? (book of Job, Old Testament) while a regular at poetry open mics, among them The Mariposa Center for Creative Expression (February, 2003), where he was first featured with his book entitled Everlasting Chemistry. He remembers the event rather fondly, explaining his need to engage the audience by listening to an audio cassette in his car while driving so as to know his poem selections like the back of his hand, laughing as he recounts quickly praying to God for balance even as he stood up at the very end of his delivery as the podium his work rested upon was on a wooden floor sprucing a microphone cord and a crowded stool.

My poetry had initially bookended many Facebook texts to a friend from 2010 to 2012. Bad Technology and Poor Weather: The Outsider Stories of the Poetry of John Patrick Acevedo seemed to simply complement the physical stress of my getting numbers for Best Buy, especially on the last days of every month. These were the happiest days of my life. I really got a rush from beating my own number 1s that won me two Brad Anderson Legacy Stock Awards from the retail giant? (John Patrick Acevedo, poet, November 2, 2018, 10:10 p.m., Columbia, Maryland).

About the Author

An ascetic-romantic, John Patrick Acevedo began his quest for God and Love while he was a Freshman at Clemson University. As he showed up rather nervously to his very first college course, he was quite stunned to see a beautiful Professor, Amanda Dyer who would prove to be instrumental to his writing. During his sophomore year at Boston University, he started to "write poetry that was exactly the same as the Holy Bible." It was only after graduating after Boston, however, that he committed to writing poetry.

In 1995, he began a 20 year career in Best Buy becoming a top margin producer across all it?s departments as he continued his love of poem.

His family is originally from Lares, Puerto Rico. His grandfather, a Trump-like Salesman and his father, John Acevedo Maldonado, who was a loyal MIT student of Physics inspired the author at a young age. Acevedo went to accompany his father almost every other year to MITs Annual Weekends. His father died in an unfortunate Cardiac Arrest in one of the Leadership Conferences at MIT, a day after saying in a final text to his son: "All is well."

Since Acevedo did not want to die when he lost his father he went from 2014 and onwards to publish five more books, launch his own Web Page and shoot several video poems shared on Youtube. He continues to find a degree of sadness and a degree of bliss as he explores his own writing.