What Makes a Happy Marriage

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By Radzilani N. Martin

About the Book

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What Makes a Happy Marriage is all about providing guidelines for anybody in whatever level of the relationship. It digs deep into various problems people who are either married, in romantic relationships, or seeking romantic partners, are facing—anger, jealousy, violence, being taken for granted, why men just quit the relationship—It also provides solutions to these problems. For people in marriage, some other problems it addresses and their solutions include: How to avoid the pains of arguments. • Agree on or eliminate your differences How to avoid cheating or pushing spouse into cheating. • Get busy by focusing on doing something positive How to make love work. • List down all the reasons it isn’t working For those in romantic relationship, it provides solutions on: How to keep a better man. • Be a better woman How not to keep a man. • Don’t beg him to stay For those seeking romantic partners, it gives insight on: Five effective ways to get to know a potential partner • Learn the words the person speaks Is love dangerous? Is love painful? Are there blessings in love? How love works? The book answers all these questions for you. You’ll almost certainly find any problem you might be facing and its solution, and any question you might be having about love, in this book.

About the Author

Radzilani N. Martin was born and raised in Raliphaswa Village, and he currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He holds a national diploma in engineering metallurgy from the University of Johannesburg, and he currently works for Menzies Aviation. What Makes a Happy Marriage is his first book, and he began writing it when his life entered into turmoil; he found solace in writing it and hopes to help others find the same peace.