Where is the Home of the Black Man?

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By Emmanuel Ehiosun

About the Book

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It is no news that the oldest and second largest continent in the world is Africa. It is also a popular fact that Africa, despite being greatly endowed with natural resources, is the poorest and the least developed of the continents of the world. Many theories have been postulated to try to justify why Africa is in such poor state and why it can never grow. However, in this book, the author, Emmanuel Ehiosun, argues that there is no reason why Africa should be backward and that there are five practical steps Africa can follow to become a leading continent in the world. In this book, you will learn the following: • The State of Africa in a changing world • Why Africa, despite being rich in resources, is a poor continent • How African rulers oppress the citizens through politics and slavery • About the slave trade and the civilizations of the black race • How to move Africa forward through visionary leadership • How African citizens can build their individual countries by themselves • Why racism is not Africa’s problem but modern-day slavery is • Why every black person in diaspora must return to Africa to make it a home • How religion can be a tool for civilization and reformation in Africa • How to make Africa the future of the world

About the Author

Emmanuel Ehiosun is an international motivational speaker and human rights activists whose life aspiration is to bring a balance of cross-cultural mentality and to foster unity between the black and white races. He works in the building industry with infrastructural refurbishment, development, renovation and real estate. He currently resides in Sweden.