Whitechapel Summer of 1888

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By W.S. Love

About the Book

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Before Jack the Ripper, there was Whitechapel. Located in the East End of London. The East End was London’s dark, dirty secret that people knew about, but was never discuss. Whitechapel was the home for the slums, the poor, filthy conditions, and disease. The life expectancy was 30. One square mile for 180,000 residents. Within this dangerous square mile were 5 women that walked these dark streets without hesitation for their safety. Take a journey with a young woman from Bath England to these very slums. Where vice and murder is an everyday occurrence. Travel with her to the 10 Bells Pub, the Britannia, Christ First Church, the London, and the Turkish Baths on Commercial St. Where on these dangerous streets she makes friends with these 5 women who history will remember as the Jack the Ripper victims. Polly, Annie, Lizabeth, Catherine, and Mary Jane Kelly who befriends Velvet as she rents a room at Miller’s Ct #22. While in Whitechapel she will have an encounter with Edmund Reid from H Division, who months later will be in charge of the Ripper case. Driven by torment, and guilt while staying in Whitechapel. And why the incident is always calling her.

About the Author

The first time I heard about Jack the Ripper was while I was in the 6th grade. This time and period had always intrigued as a young boy. I inherited my story telling from my late Mother. So in 2007 I put pen to paper and started writing my story which takes place in London, in the East End the year is 1888. In 2017 I finished my long journey to tell my story thanks to the encouragement from my Mother, Jean Love.