Yes, Jesus

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By Ann Chapman

About the Book

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It’s about Jesus in school in seventh grade, his teacher, and classmates who don’t believe him when he answers questions with what he will actually do as an adult. It follows his teacher to the realization that he is the savior. It is broken down into chapters. The first chapter deals with him in school giving answers that are not understood. Each of the chapters deals with a particular subject matter like math, PE, science. The teacher is concerned about his future because of his inability to focus on reality. It’s clear that Jesus knows who he is, but those around him do not. The final chapter deals with the teacher’s awakening and realization about who Jesus is. After retiring, the teacher starts hearing about a man who is doing all the things that Jesus spoke about as a child. The realization grows after hearing each thing—that Jesus is the Messiah and the teacher’s savior.

About the Author

My name is Ann Chapman. I am 72 years old. I taught school for over 30 years. All of my life, I have told stories. I have even taught a couple of classes on storytelling. I have written several children’s stories.I am retired, and do a lot of volunteering at my church with the music ministry. In addition, I have been on several mission trips where Wycliffe Associates, One Child Matters, and Compassion International. I have two children and 10 grandchildren.