You Have the Talent, So Where Is the Money?

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By Jim Gardner

About the Book

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Softcover 5.5x8.5 112

In this guidebook for creative people, Jim Gardner shows us how to turn our personal uniqueness into our greatest asset and how to convert that asset into a thriving business.

If you want to earn money with your creativity, enjoying a financially successful life will revolve around using your talents to benefit others. This is true for operating a business of any kind. People don’t pay us for the work we do: They pay us for the benefit they receive from the work we do.

This guidebook is filled with nuggets of wisdom such as:

• figuring out what you like to do and finding out how to get paid to do it.
• establishing who you want to become, setting a direction to go in, and defining your market.
• developing a personal definition of success – and knowing how to get it.
• approaching your passion as a business and not just a hobby.

About the Author

Jim Gardner received his bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Wisconsin in 1973. Having worked his way through college as an entertainer he stayed with the music business until his mid-thirties.

Falling back on his college art training, he began working in ad agencies and print shops doing production work and illustrations. As the computer took over the printing industry, pigment was more important than pixels, so sign painting was the next stage of artistic development.

As the sign industry became more computerized, pigment was still more fun than pixels, so he elevated himself from sign painter to airbrush artist.

Combining his lettering skills with his ad layout experience, airbrushing T-shirts at car shows quickly expanded into custom painting automobiles and motorcycles.

Today he lives in Mesa, Arizona and paints wall murals around the Phoenix metropolitan area.