Young Peoples Story of the Creation

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By Balbir Sandhu

About the Book

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This book is an inspirational science book with biblical content for both young adults and mature readers who want an insight into the general background on the science of creation of the planets and, specifically, of planet Earth and the life on it. Starting with a brief discussion of the visible universe, the galaxies, including our own Milky Way galaxy of which our Sun is one of the stars, two full chapters are devoted to our solar system, the Sun, and the nine planets. Our knowledge of each planet as obtained from American and Russian space probes is presented in detail, ruling out the possibility of life anywhere in the vast expanse of the universe except on the planet Earth. Then two full chapters is presented on the detailed discussion of all physical features of our own spaceship, Mother Earth—the home of presently over seven billion children of Adam and Eve, which had been the abode of our long-gone ancestors for millions of years. Various theories on the formation of Earth and the planets are presented. Most importantly, about half of the book is devoted to the science of life on Earth, including various theories about the origin of life. Finally, a great deal of discussion is devoted to Darwin’s theory of evolution (1859), which had been proven to be speculative and erroneous by many scientists—a conclusion verified by this writer.

About the Author

About the Author Balvir Singh Sandhu was born in the village of Kot Jog Raj in the northwest territory of Punjab, a state in India at the foothills of the Himalayas. He received his basic education in English medium of British system under the guidance of his mother, Pritam Kaur, and father, Jawand Singh, a land-owning farmer of many generations. After graduating with a bachelor of arts degree from Punjab University, he attended the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and received a bachelor of science degree from the Royal College of Science and Technology of Glasgow University. In the year 1965, he immigrated to the United States of America to attend Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, and received a master’s degree in advanced mechanics. During his career, he worked on many progressively challenging projects in the United Kingdom, India, and USA, including nuclear power projects located in Korea and Yugoslavia.